Ukrainian reality

Fact 1 – Majority of the government, politicians and judges (the system) in Ukraine is more preoccupied with personal enrichment rather than providing services to its people.

Fact 2 – The system of checks & balances does not work. Money is often used to solve  problems while justice rarely prevails.

Fact 3 – Last winter’s revolt against the system called the “Dignity revolution”, has ousted the top of the corrupt Yanukovich regime, but  95% of the system remains the same.

Fact 4The system is not interested in reforming. The status quo fits it very well. The only entity that can make reform happen is a strong civil society with many educated, confident & motivated leaders

Fact 5 – The civil society in Ukraine has awoken from slumber and is making great strides, but the activist number has not yet reached a critical mass. The civil society in Ukraine desperately needs more active people, better coordination & exchange of information

Proposed solution is a program which will select, educate, train and inspire the new leaders of the future civil society in Ukraine


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