Today it's Ukraine, but if YOU don’t act now, tomorrow it will be YOUR country.

Donate to and help Ukrainian soldiers protect the civilized world.
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Our cause

  1. On February 24th, in continued attempts to protect his grip on power, destroy the young Ukrainian democracy resurrect the Soviet Union, Putin turned the hybrid war which he started in 2014, into a full scale invasion of Ukraine.
  2. By this crime against humanity, he is attacking not only Ukraine, but the freedom of speech, the right for self-determination, and respect for the international law, the key values governing any civilized society.
  3. Ukraine was occupied by the Soviet Union and Russian empire for several centuries and it gained independence only in 1991. Today, our young democracy needs help defending its sovereignty and democratic values against this brazen assault.
  4. Democratic countries’ governments have been providing unprecedented levels of aid in the form of money and weapons directly to the Ukrainian government and its entities.
  5. But a key element of success in the war is being overlooked - focused, confident & fearless soldiers. Our aim is to let our brave defenders have a peace of mind when they go into battle.
  6. aims to provide direct financial help to the families of the fallen soldiers in the most difficult time of their life.
  7. Donate and help us honor their heroic sacrifice while helping their families rebuild their lives. mission mission

To help Ukrainian defenders have a peace of mind and focus on fighting the enemy, while honoring their fallen comrades by providing direct, financial support for their the families in the most difficult time of their life.

You want to donate to because:

  • You believe in our cause and want to give peace of mind to Ukraine's defenders and honor the fallen soldiers by supporting their families
  • You want to avoid feeling like your donation is a drop in ocean of huge sums provided by governments
  • You want to know where your money goes how it makes a tangible impact on people’s lives
  • You wish to donate in a convenient and straightforward way, using a variety of methods available
  • You want to avoid fraud and donate to a reliable and trustworthy initiative, with good reputation and legit credentials

Why are we doing this

to help defend Ukraine, stop the threat to the world and give Ukraine a chance to build a free, just and independent society


Roman Rubchenko
Roman Rubchenko

I was born and grew up in Ukraine back when it was still part of the USSR. Hence, I had a direct view of the Soviet state’s disregard for basic personal freedoms, prohibition of dissenting views and a deep hate for the democratic societies peddled by the propaganda machine, sounds familiar?

In the summer of 1991 at the age of seventeen, basketball gave me an opportunity to defect from the oppressive Soviet regime and ask for political asylum.

For the next 17 years I lived, studied, and worked in the US and Western Europe, but I always felt a force pulling me back to my motherland. In 2008, I decided that my skills and experience will be more useful and impactful in Ukraine, so I moved to Kyiv.

Since making the move, I have worked in management consulting supporting commercial and government clients as well as in the nonprofit sphere facilitating economic reforms, helping professionalize the civil service, mentoring youth and assisting disadvantaged Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

What motivates me most is the fact that on numerous occasions Vladimir Putin has publicly stated that the breakup of the USSR was the biggest tragedy of the 20th century and for over a decade, he has been methodically trying to rebuild Russia in the evil, old Soviet ways.

Don't lent him hold the world a hostage. He absolutely has to be stopped and the time is now. Donate to and help Ukrainian defenders fight with all their might.

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Andrii Tymoshenko
Andrii Tymoshenko

Andrii currently leads a management consulting practice at one of Big4 companies in Ukraine. Prior to that he worked as the head of international project at national oil and gas company.

He has his previous experience on operational and strategy consulting, serving clients in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. After working for major international professional services firm, Andriy went into non-profit work with an aim to support the process of reforming the Ukraine’s economy. Following four years of consulting the Ukrainian government Andriy joined a strategy team for a major company in the FMCG sector.

Stemming from his work with the government, Andrii is very passionate about helping his country realize its potential & is interested in empowering youth to get involved in building a better society in Ukraine.

He also leads Oxford University Society Ukraine, an Alumni organization of Oxford University in Ukraine.

Andrii holds MBA from Said Business School at the Oxford University and Master’s degree with distinction from National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine)

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how it works

how it works
how it works
Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Read all information about the invasion
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A massive spending bill signed into law by President Joe Biden
A massive spending bill signed into law by President Joe Biden
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Bucha massacre - Russian lies
Bucha massacre - Russian lies
A detailed timeline undermining Russia’s claim that the massacre in Bucha was a Ukrainian hoax
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410 bodies found in recaptured towns
410 bodies found in recaptured towns
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Application for direct assistance

Для подання українцями заявки на отримання допомоги пропонує пряму фінансову допомогу сім’ям загиблих захисників

Будь ласка заповніть форму і наші волонтери зв’яжуться з вами протягом 48 годин offers direct financial aid to families of the fallen defenders

Please fill out the application form and our volunteer will contact you with in 48 hours



    What percentage of my donation will reach the families of the the fallen soldiers?

    100% of your donation minus banking/financial transaction fees (1-3% depending on the method you choose) will go directly to the aid recipients. All team members have paying jobs and are doing this pro-bono to help Ukraine and Ukrainian people during these dire times.


    Why should I donate to the families of the fallen soldiers, when there is an active war going on? Is it not better to donate money towards buying military equipment or medical supplies to help the war effort?

    In addition to weapons & medical supplies, there are huge sums being donated/allocated already by the friendly democratic governments. But at this point nobody is thinking about the key element of success - focused, confident & fearless soldiers. We are convinced, that the soldier will be more effective on the battle filed when they know that their family will be cared for if the soldier dies while bravely defending our motherland.


    Why should you donate to instead of other initiatives?

    First of all, you don't have to. Feel free to donate to plethora of other initiatives. However, at the moment we are the only initiative fundraising for the families of the fallen soldiers. Second, we have no overhead cost, donations directly go to qualified aid recipients. Third, unlike dealing with large organizations, you will see exactly where your donation went.


    I heard Ukrainian government has promised to support the fallen soldiers’ families with a large onetime payment, why should I donate to this cause?

    The War is going on right now and our brave defenders are sacrificing their lives every day to protect the world from a mad man with nuclear weapons. Knowing how the government bureaucracy usually works it will be months if not longer before any money will reach their families. Your donation will provide an invaluable help in the time of most need.


    How will team find and select recipient families?

    > a family of a fallen soldier, fills out an application on our site
    > volunteer calls & conducts a short interview to verify information
    > team reviews application approves application & transfer is made
    note: economically disadvantaged families with young children will be given priority in consideration


    How much money will the qualifying recipient families get?

    Total payment will equal to 18 months worth of official minimum salary in Ukraine, deposited in the bank account in 3 payments
    >50% right after approval
    >25% 3 months after approval
    > 25% 6 month s after approval