The roots

My name is Roman Rubchenko and I am the founder of I was born and grew up in Ukraine, back when it was still part of the USSR. At the age of seventeen, I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to escape the oppressive Soviet regime and defect to the United States. 

Back then, I did not recognize the long-lasting significance of that move. But returning to Ukraine in 2008, living there for nearly 6 years, analyzing my feelings and discussing them with other Ukrainians who had returned, made it crystal clear to me. 

Being exposed to democracy; with its key values of equality, justice, and liberty, dramatically transforms a person’s thinking while making them intolerant to authoritarianism, corruption and injustice. 


Why do we care? mission is to help make Ukraine a true democracy by transforming the thinking of young Ukrainians and inspiring them to take initiative in building an active civil society in Ukraine.

What happened in Ukraine in the last 9 month has accurately been called a “Revolution of dignity” People have revolted against the corrupt regime of Yanukovich and opposition came to power. However, this is very similar to what happened in 2005 during Orange revolution. Back then, in less than a year, the new government reverted to the old corrupt ways.

So even though we have a new president, the situation is starting to stabilize, there is still a high risk of returning to corruption and mismanagement by the new government.


tumblr_mmdxllueL41sq9ampo1_1280 aims to develop & inspire the future activists who could become the backbone of the system of checks and balances for the government & the politicians.

They would coordinate their efforts country wide to monitor the government’s actions to make sure they act according to the Revolution of dignity demands.