LIPK6799Roman Rubchenko – Founder

Roman comes from a background in team sports & strategy consulting. He played basketball for LSU in college, professionally in 8 countries, and for the national teams of USSR and then latter Ukraine.

Following his retirement, he earned an MBA in corporate strategy from University of Michigan and went on to consult private clients and government in Europe and US for 7 years. He worked in Industrial goods, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Telecom and Financial sectors. He also consulted the Ukrainian government on economic reforms. Becoming frustrated with government’s corruption and incompetence, he went to study how to build a strong and active civil society in Ukraine.

Most recently he graduated with an MPA from Kennedy School of Government and is working on launching a a nonprofit organization with a mission to build a strong civil society and drive much needed reforms in Ukraine.


Natasha Nataliya Bugayova

Nataliya has background in program management in areas of economic development and education.

Having started her career as a reporter, she went onto pursing Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University.  After graduation she has launched a program in business journalism, that brought economists and reporters from Americas, Europe and Asia to train Ukrainian journalists.

Her experience also includes short-term projects in strategy consulting and international financial organizations.

Following the revolutionary events in Ukraine in winter of 2014, she has joined newly appointed Ukrainian Government to work on economic reforms.



Andrii Tymoshenko

Andrii has a background in tech, operational and strategy consulting, serving clients in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. He worked on projects in Banking, Mining, Power Generation, Retail, Consumer Goods as well as Oil & Gas industries.

After working for major international professional services firm, Andriy went into non-profit work with an aim to support the process of reforming the Ukraine’s economy. Following four years of consulting the Ukrainian government Andriy joined a strategy team for a major company in the FMCG sector.

Stemming from his work with the government, Andrii is very passionate about helping his country realize its potential & is interested in empowering youth to get involved in building a better society in Ukraine. 

Andrii holds a Master’s degree with distinction from National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine)


YanaYana Shevchenko

Yana specializes in psychology, human resources, project and event management. She worked on projects in IT, banking, and developing educational products.

Following her education and several years of working in the US, she went to Ukraine to get involved with non-profit educational organizations, helping to develop programs, give lectures and manage cultural events.

Yana holds a B.A in psychology from Boston University and is very impressed by the ambitious attitude of some young people in Ukraine. She wants to help spread that attitude and develop a civil society based on democratic values.