Your support will help the team to pair up with experts, educators and mentors to build an emerging leader development program tailored for the current Ukrainian situation. approach consist of three stages





More detailed explanation of the three stages



Social engineering concept

Engage the Youth – to make sure we set the program on the right path we need to attract & select candidates with the right set of personal traits. The two essential traits which we value the most are curiosity & resilience; they are indispensable for a change agent. We are confident that good trainers/lectures can quickly develop any skill in young people with these two qualities.


We will attract these curious & resilient candidates to the program through a series of speaking engagements across universities, schools & youth organizations in Ukraine. We will share our personal journeys that took us full circle from growing up in small towns just like them, to returning back to Ukraine following the transformative educational & working experiences abroad. We will also explain to candidates about the top educational & employment opportunities available around the world & how they can take advantage of them.


By inspiring them to dream of bigger things, helping them believe in their chances for success & offering help to choose the right path & embark on it, we plan to spark their desire to join the program.


Once we have a group of hand raisers interested in applying, we will put them through a rigorous yet transparent selection process, aimed at ensuring high quality of the cohort. They will have to write an essay, submit a resume and go through a personal interview.


Selecting a group of likeminded people with key traits is important in order to ensure the co-creation of a high quality learning experience where as much useful information is exchanged between the candidates of the cohort as is between trainers/lecturers & the candidates.


Additionally, having to work in order to get accepted into the program, will ensure that the candidates truly value the opportunity to grow & will dedicate themselves fully to maximizing the return from the program.


Last but not least, we will ensure the diversity of the program, by marketing the program across all of the regions in Ukraine especially the currently troubled southeast. During the selection process, our goal will be to form cohorts which are representative & well balanced along the geographic origins as well as gender of the candidates.




Transform Attitudes – once the cohort is selected & the candidates become members of, it will be our team’s job to expose them to new ideas, broaden their horizons & help them shift their thinking paradigm. This shift would entail departing from an approach of accepting their surroundings as is, and starting to work towards changing their surroundings for the better. Our motto is – “If not You, then who, if not now, then when?”


We plan to use a three pronged approach towards transforming members’ attitudes; face to face trainings & lectures, online education, and one on one mentoring.

  • Face to face – the cohorts will converge on a location, once every 4-5 weeks for several days. During those days, they will live, eat, work and play together. Every day there will be trainings, lectures as well as teambuilding & leadership development activities. These sessions will be led by team or external experts & educators. The curriculum will range from learning basic skills like networking, business etiquette or resume writing, to understanding more complex topics like current situation in Ukraine, geopolitics of the region, exercising leadership, motivating people or organizing grassroots movements.

  • Online education – there a numerous online educational resources that exist today, and their quantity as well as quality is growing every day. We plan to tap into this resource by selecting a curriculum, reviewing what courses are available on those subjects, putting together customized mini programs 6-8 courses. We will translate them or subtitle them, so the members can learn in their native language. These mini-programs will range from strategy, marketing or operations to history, philosophy or geopolitics. They will be part of the homework assignments based on which the face to face sessions will be taught.

  • Mentoring – the mentors (read “mentoring”) will be paired up with members, based on candidate’s, professional interests, gender & language skills. Prior to commencing the program, each mentor will go through a training to make sure that all are working towards pursuing a common purpose with their mentees. Each mentor will oversee the creation of a personal & professional development plan by their mentees. Throughout the program, mentors will meet with mentees in person or via Skype on regular basis in order to assess the progress, address the shortfalls and motivate them. The role of mentor is to be a role model, advisor, confidant & a coach to their mentee.

Empower action – transforming attitudes would be useless without a positive change in behavior. Since the end goal of is creation of an organized & outspoken civil society, we will expect from the members to get involved. They will have the choice of joining existing initiatives or starting their own. But there will be one key stipulation, the initiative has to be aimed at making sure the government & the politicians do what is good for the people & follow their campaign promises.


This effort will be a mandatory part of the personal & professional development plan for every member and will lie in heart of the program. On one hand these initiatives can revolve around helping the government & politicians do their job better, by working for them or advising them. On the other hand they would be related to monitoring government’s actions and organizing activities to protesting improper actions by the government or politicians if they take place.


As members participate in these initiatives, the team will support them in all possible ways. We will advise, coach & mentor them, as well as facilitating access to the required knowledge, resources & legal advice.


Eventually will have created a united, educated and confident group of young people who will be well qualified & motivated to help Ukraine realize its potential.