Mentoring is a fundamental part of the program. It is virtually unheard of in Ukraine and we think it will be essential in enabling a rapid transformation of the youth and channeling their energy into productive actions.

Mentees – Initially we will source the program candidates who will become mentees, through a series of motivational speeches conducted at schools & universities throughout the country. Once we have a following, we will rely on the word of mouth and social networks to attract ambitious youths to the program.

A desired program candidate

  • Is 15 to 25 years of age (different ages will be grouped in separate cohorts with different curricula)

  • Has an ambition to grow personally & professionally in order to better themselves

  • Have demonstrated potential for success in the past

  • Has a capacity for inspiring and leading  others (will be assessed during the selection process)

  • Knowledge of English is preferred but not required

Mentors – The Mentors will be attracted from the leading graduate programs around the world and a variety of corporations in the West and Ukraine.

A good mentor candidate

  • Has experience studying or working abroad in the past or currently enrolled in graduate school or working for a company in a developed country.

  • Has an interest in helping Ukraine realize its potential

  • Is willing to make minimum a 2 year commitment

  • Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian language is preferred but not required

Mentors will be selected, paired up with mentees and embark on a 2 year mentoring relationship. They will oversee the creation of the personal development plan for their mentee and will monitor their progress along the milestones towards the set goal.